Shame: A poem

Shame: A poem (from Arthritis Today Magazine)

Shame: Maggie Yaddof

Shame Yes there was a time

A time before the pain

And yes it was a good time

That time before the pain

Yes it was simple

Yes it was full of peace

Yes it was worriless

Yes we lived with ease

Well, that time isn’t coming back

We will never be the same

Relax though —— it’s okay

Let go of your shame

This is not your fault

You are not to blame

This cannot be prevented

So let go of your shame

Just try it I dare you

Live in the now

Not tomorrow, not yesterday

Come on, you know how

Don’t dwell on the past

And what life could have been

Quit mourning for that loss

Don’t let the “what-ifs” win

Stop fretting about tomorrow

And what it will be like

You’re making your own misery

So step into the light.

Look at where you are

See the brightened sky

Look-over, look around

We are all on your side.

We know that you are strong

We see your beauty, see your smile

And we will battle next to you

Mile, by mile, by mile.

You are a silent warrior

You will never be the same

As a person you are now better

So let go of your shame.

My life was like a picture t

he family, the friends, the grades

but time preserves no image

and soon that picture fades.

Like a cruel dictator

Disease strikes: reasoning unknown

It invades one’s joyous lifestyle

And makes that life its own.

I fight back with what I can

Through bitter tears I weep

And thrash out against this monster

My joy I wish to keep.

On still it beats me down

Weak kneed I lose my grip

And fall beneath my captor

As my strength begins to slip.

My life became a picture

Smile trapped behind broken glass

An image torn and stained

The surrounding world will pass.

Fear glistens in my eyes

Salt streaks my tortured face

Pain piercing a broken body

But then, a moment of grace.

Arthritis can only take

What I offer, I soon will lack

Well I’m giving up no more

I am taking my life back

I am not alone in this fight

We can and will wage war

And put together the lives

That you, disease, have torn.

Pride swelling in my heart

I no longer will be dismayed

You cannot keep me down

Of you, I am not afraid.

We will raise the funds

We will march and march and march

We will speak for all the people

And we will make the charge.

Enemy you will be conquered

Because we do NOT give in

My faith in you is endless because

Our courage comes from within.