about me

My name is Karen Nicole. I am in my early twenties, and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and IBS in 2010 (+ other random illnesses). I experience good days and bad days. Life is a constant struggle.



(Me with my hand warmers)!!

The story:

All my life I have had weird health problems. One main thing, was that my legs were always hurting. (Parent’s told me they were growing pains, but ha-ha jokes on me, I’m only 5 feet!)  I couldn’t stand for more than 10 minutes before needing to sit down. After many years of dealing with this I started to get very annoyed and frustrated.  That’s when I started to see many different doctors to find the answer. I got many x-rays done and blood tests but nobody could figure it out. In early 2010 I was still working on getting information about my legs, when other things started hurting. Actually everything started hurting. My ankles, wrists, neck, back, legs etc. I went to my Primary Doctor, and then a Rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.

More About Me

I love reading books, and magazines.

There is so much a person can learn from reading. Sometimes I walk into a bookstore and feel so overwhelmed; I just want writers to hold off writing for a couple of months (or years…)  just so I can catch up! I end every night with a relaxing and enjoyable book. I love to read fiction and nonfiction. Fiction so I can go someplace else. I can make the story look exactly as I want it. Everything is in my imagination, and everyone needs to spend time using their imagination. Nonfiction to learn, to be more resourceful, to be a more knowledgeable, and a better person.

I can’t live without music.

“Music triggers the body to release endorphins, brain chemicals that ease stress and improve blood flow.” Michael Miller M.D.

Without music, I don’t know how I would get any exercise, cleaning, or relaxing done. Music makes my body move faster on the treadmill, and my mind calm during a bath. I love how music and moods are intermixed. Sometimes your music picks your mood, and other times your mood picks your music.

An organizational mind, and home are the only ways I can function.

Organizing is one of my favorite things to do. It can instantly boost my mood. Getting rid of clutter is a huge stress reducer!

I am trying to eat healthy, and exercise as much as I can.

I completely understand that the two most important things in life are to eat healthy, and exercise. . One thing that really is not helping me be healthier is my absolute love for chocolate. Brownies, cookies, smores, cakes, and candies.

I love to help, volunteer, and inspire people.

Being able to help people is one of the greatest gifts the world can give you. Knowing that I have helped change someone’s life for the better makes me extremely happy. Just being nice to someone, a stranger, can mean so much.

Now you know a little about me. I hope we can become friends. Share tips back and forth. Maybe even give each other some hope and inspiration. Please feel free to comment or email me.

Venting & Ranting

This is a place where I’m going to share my personal thoughts on fibromyalgia and living the spoonie life. Sometimes I just need to vent and rant about my situation. I am being completely honest here. This is list is all the negative things about chronic illness. Unfortunately, it’s the truth. It’s things I think about constantly. Things I battle everyday. It’s just a random list I add things to once and a while.

It prevents me from doing things I want to do.

It prevents me from doing things I used to do.

I’m tired ALL THE TIME.

I have no energy.

I’m in pain ALL THE TIME. Deep, sharp, dull, throbbing and aching pain all over my body that does not go away.

It’s invisible. So, I look like a regular young woman.

My medicines make me gain weight.

I struggle with self-esteem and confidence.

I have to find the exact right balance of exercise.

I’m less social and less productive.

Will all the medicine I’m taking affect me badly later in life (I’m only in my twenties! I have like 60 more years of medicine everyday).

Negatively affects my sex life.

Negatively affects my career & job status. (Can I work? What job will be best for me?)

What about money & health insurance?

It has caused depression and anxiety. (Why me? What’s my life going to be like now?)

Everything takes 10x the effort.

Making myself presentable everyday just isn’t worth it. I wish I had the energy to actually do something about my looks. (Makeup, styling hair, cute but uncomfortable clothing).

Writing, typing, and my favorite thing-Crocheting- hurt my hands.

I need special accommodations.

I’m mad and sad.

No one (except for other fibromyalgia sufferers) knows what it’s like. They can’t see my pain.  All I can do is state how much pain I’m feeling.

I have to be extra careful. Getting another sickness makes my fibromyalgia symptoms way worse. (ex. Colds).

I get to be poked and prodded practically every month. Tests need to be done, shots need to be given, and blood needs to be drawn.

I don’t have any energy for household chores.

I feel lazy, even though I can’t change my situation.

It’s chronic—It will never end.

Stress makes it worse. It’s a vicious cycle.

I have difficulty sleeping

I am extremely sensitive to light.

I hate being touched! Don’t touch me.

I have trouble paying attention.

My memory is gone. I have to write down everything. (Books are a very good investment…I can read them over and over again because I completely forget what happens)!

I am unable to do the exercise and activity I want to.

I spend a lot of time alone. It’s easier than going out & doing things with friends and family.

I have to debate telling a person about my illness, and how much I should disclose. This is a constant battle. Most people don’t understand.

Sometimes, I resent others.

I have limitations that are very hard to accept.

Thank you!

Karen Nicole

2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I know first hand the emotional roller-coaster of chronic health problems, about the good days and bad days. Keep doing what you are doing, be gentle with yourself and I look forward to sharing your journey here.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts online, I have actually printed your blog banner off and stuck it on my work notice board to keep me smiling, I work hard to save my spoons but there are times when I don’t quite get it right.
    Stay Strong, stay positive and know that you are not alone, we spoonies are from all over the world and we know and understand what you are going through
    (gentle fibro hugs)

    Laurna – Scotland


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