“ I could respond with fear and worry, resulting in an agitated mind,

or I could calmly remind myself that until I had other facts to go on,

everything else was just my imagination.”

Kate Holcombe



“The hallmark of depression and anxiety is catastrophizing– worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet and might not happen at all worried by its very nature means thinking about the future if you place yourself into awareness of the present moment worrying melts away”

Jay Dixit


“The Indian mystic known as Osho teaches that an anxious person feels separate from the world, with everyone conspiring against them. Trees and birds don’t spend their days worrying; worry isn’t helpful to them. Its also not helpful to us. Anxiety goes away with understanding. When we understand that existence takes care of all of us, we know that we are not only part of existence, we are essential to it. We see that the world is abundant. This is when life becomes a celebration and feelings of anxiety are recognized as foolish.”

Tara Stiles